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When I was a child, and in the place where I grew up, the kitchen was the most important room in a house. Often the biggest room, it was not only a place of food preparation, but it also housed the huge table on which we ate meals, did homework, played card games, and assembled jig-saw puzzles. It was not uncommon for folks to drop in at any time, unannounced, for tea and a card game, or even to pitch in helping make a meal or wash dishes. Evenings and especially on weekends, it was not uncommon for people to gather around the table to play music. Undoubtedly, the kitchen with all its heavenly aromas and heart-warming sounds, was the cutural center of the home.

I have been cooking since I was a child... about seven or eight years old. Many of the recipes here have been handed down to me, a few are my own creations. As a cook, I am not a scientist. I can not tell you why the bread raises, I only know it does. And I know I love to eat great tasting food. So that is what I cook.

As for eating healthy, I will not give up the foods I love. I would not eat something like potato pancakes more than maybe once a month, but I make no apology for loving them. My preference is to use foods that are higher in fat more sparingly, as a treat or an occasional thing. I enjoy eating and I want food that has taste. You can add all the spices you want, low-fat and no-fat dishes just don't taste the same.

So go for it, cook up a storm, and have a ball! I really hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do. And please feel free to e-mail me with comments or suggestions.

Bon Appetit!

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