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This site is mine. The views expressed here are mine. Likewise, if there is a link here to someone else's homepage, it is theirs, and the views expressed on those pages are theirs. It is all here for the many who happen to enjoy it. It is never my intention to present any of what is contained here or linked to here for any purpose other than to entertain or inform those who are interested in or share these same points of view.

CONTENT: I have tried to the best of my ability to present content that is suitable for all visitors. However, there are links to other sites, many of which I have not had time to browse. Some of them may be "adult" in nature or contain adult material. If you have doubts about content, you have the choice to not go there. I am not responsible for anything you see after you leave my site.

OWNERSHIP: With the exception of a few art works, to the best of my knowledge, all items, articles, pages, sites and images used in the creation of this site or linked to this site are either copyright-free or free for use on a personal web site. If you own any item, article, page, site or image used here or linked here, and do not wish that it be used or linked here, please e-mail me with specific details and I will take the appropriate corrective action.

ART WORKS: I have used a few art works on various pages. In all cases, I have, on the same page as the item is used, fully credited the artist. I use these works because I really enjoy them and hope some of my visitors may even search for and buy some art. I think of it as free advertising for the artist. If you own such an item and do not wish to have it used on this site, please e-mail me with specific details and I will take the appropriate corrective action.


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