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This part of my web site will document my newest hobby - model railroading. Eventually the photo gallery will become the biggest part of the site. There will also be pages added as I go along, explaining the process. I hope the end result may not only show what I have built but might even be helpful to someone starting out - much like the help I have so gratefully found on-line as I am trying to build my dream.

While on the one hand I want to share what I have learned so that others just beginning can learn from my mistakes and successes, I do not want to reinvent the wheel. There is a ton of information already available on the internet and in books on every aspect of model railroading. That in mind, I will not go into great detail on what is already easily available. I will instead focus my detailed writing on specific things that are perhaps a bit uncommon, explaining some of the decisions I had to make along the way, and I will give you a list of links to some web sites that I found very helpful as I was beginning and trying to understand the many aspects of this fascinating hobby.

How It Began

Receiving a gift certificate from my wife for Christmas of 2009 really started the process of my gathering what I needed to get started and setting about to plan my layout but while that may have been the "official" birth of my model railroad phase of life, the seed of this model railroad passion had been planted some 50 or more years prior to Christmas 2009.

The fact is trains have always been a very real part of my life. I lived my very early childhood in Glace Bay, Cape Breton, a mining town and when I was five years old I could look out my front window and watch the coal trains shunting back and forth in the field just on the other side of the road. After we moved from there I spent many of my summers walking the old abandoned rail line to pick berries or to take the shortcut to the other end of town. I spent many summer days playing on the hill that was actually an old slag dump from a nearby abandoned mine. Trains, tracks, rail cuts, tressles and rail bridges were a very real part of my world all the while that I was growing up. Although I had built models of cars as a youngster and had various building sets (like Meccano), I never owned a real train set.

When I left Sydney at age seventeen I went by Canadian National "Dayliner" - an RDC-3 unit that served the Halifax to Sydney route. As an adult I lived for many years just across the street from a rail line used primarily to move vehicles carriers from our nearby Auto-Port and oil tankers from a nearby refinery. I walked the tracks to the downtown and back almost every day. I made many trips from Halifax to Montreal and most of the those trips were by VIA rail. On days that were not busy I loved to sit and watch trains shunting and assembling in the Dartmouth railyard - a 10 minute walk from my house. I have lived my whole life near railways and trains.

So, why not ...

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