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Welcome to my Model Railroad site!

Although I have always been fascinated by trains I did not get into the model railroad hobby until 2010. My wife, recovering from cancer surgery in fall of 2009, gave me a gift certificate from an online supplier for Christmas. This gave me a hobby that would eat up the thousands of long hours, being nearly housebound while providing 24/7 care for her during what would become a long battle with cancer. She passed away in November of 2012.

The first layout was very limited in size. The table was 34 inches by 52 inches. It was all the space I could claim in the den of the condo in which we lived at the time. I packed a lot into that small layout. It was essentially the downtown area of a small town I called Middletown. That layout was taken down shortly after my wife passed away, as in spring of 2013, I prepared to sell the condo we had shared.

I moved in August of 2013 into a 3 bedroom house with a basement that was largely unfinished. I renovated the house (inside and outside) and now have room for an "L" shaped layout, approximately 9 feet by 7 feet with a maximum depth of 32 inches. Benchwork will commence in summer of 2014.

The new layout will re-use much of what was salvaged from Middletown, including the main downtown core, but the layout will not be called Middletown. Instead, Middletown will become one section of the layout, with the addition of West River and East Bay.The new layout will be known as Summer Valley.

The following links will take you to the new site (under construction) and what is left of the old Middletown layout site.

New Layout 2014 ... Summer Valley

My first layout ... Middletown