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Dave's Park!

Acadia Square - Phase 3:   Metropolitan Store

I had intended from the beginning of the plan that the free-standing building at the northwest corner of Acadia Square would be a retail store of some kind. As it came closer to the time to build I thought back to my childhood and fondly remembered the big Metropolitan Store on Commercial Street in Glace Bay with it's old-fashioned lunch counter and big chrome and leather stools where I would sit and drink a cold glass of fountain soda pop while watching the donut machine working its magic to pass the time on a lazy summer afternoon.

The Metropolitan Store is a two storey DPM (Design Preservation Models) Victorian building. It was actually built prior to Phase 2 while I was delayed waiting for materials.

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The Kit & Placement

I did not take photos of the assembly of the four walls since it really is a matter of following instructions and it went together in about fifteen minutes. Painting took a bit longer. With each structure I try to highlight certain tricks and techniques and with this one I will show you how I place the building on the layout.

As I did for the Main Street row I made a floor that was then glued to the larger base so that it would hold the building in the correct position. First I cut the floor. The second shot shows the floor recessed into the bottom of the building but not glued there. There is a bead of glue on the bottom of the floor.

acadia153 acadia154

Having drawn lines on the larger base I set the building in place and holding it there I pushed the floor down to glue it to the base. Once the glue was dry I removed the building leaving the floor attached to the base. The last shot in this group shows the building in position.

acadia155 acadia156
acadia157 acadia158

I then turned my atention to the window displays and using the same technique as in Phase 1 I made up the mate for the front wall. It took a long time to find graphics for this. It might have been faster if I had taken my camera to the mall and took photos of store interiors there.

acadia159 acadia160

The next group of photos shows the process of making up the matte for the front door so that the street number appears in the transim window. It is a small detail but it is one that makes a big difference in the final picture.

acadia162 acadia163
acadia166 acadia167
acadia168 acadia169
acadia170 acadia172

The last four photos show the mates for the other three walls being made. In the second photo you can see the strip of window blind graphic. The last two photos show the finished building in place.

acadia173 acadia174
acadia175 acadia176

This completes Acadia Square - Phase 3. Please use the links below to navigate to another page in this series.

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