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Dave's Park!

Dave's Park!

Home Hardware Store

This building was bought on e-Bay for very little money, already built. I added a roof, vent stacks and a chimney. I painted the tables and the wheel barrow out front and then added the sign. I went a bit heavy on the soot on the chimney but later I fixed it up a little.

This is a structure that did not require much work or thought. It was almost good to go when I got it. I did not do much weathering on it because typically a small town hardware store would be well maintained with a fresh coat of paint. I know. I worked in one back in the early 70's and I did my fair share of painting.

hardware01 hardware02

The most interesting thing about the hardware store may be the way I did the driveway at the side. I wanted a gravel driveway as would be typical of many small businesses of the era. I placed the building on the layout and finished the sidewalk along that side of Mill Road. I wanted the driveway to be level with the sidewalk once the gravel was glued down so I chose a card stock that is half the thickness of the sidewalk material. I had determined the location of the adjacent feed mill and marked it out on the plan so I simply measured and cut the driveway shape.

hardware03 hardware04

Next I test fitted the driveway to make sure everything lined up and then sealed it on all sides with dull coat and allowed it to dry. I figured the glue and sand would be messy so I lined a baking pan with wax paper to help contain the mess. I brushed a coat of full strength white glue, poured on a coating of sand, pressed it and dumped off the excess. The glue made the card stock curl a bit but once it dried it laid out flat. I let it dry for several hours.

hardware05 hardware06
hardware07 hardware08

When the driveway was dry I glued it into place and made sure everything was square and straight. The level compared to the sidewalk was perfect. While the edge may look a bit too perfect for a gravel driveway. I am sure once the grass is done it will look much better.

I covered the surrounding area and gave it a quick shot of dull coat. With a nice delivery truck in the driveway, Home Hardware was open for business!

hardware09 hardware10

You may be wondering at this point why I didn't simply use sandpaper to make the driveway. Glued to a piece of card stock to raise it to the proper height that would have worked perfectly. And I did think of that before beginning but the sand gives a different texture - more realistic - with varying sizes of stone. Also, I wanted to see how it would turn out doing it completely from scratch. I think it looks very authentic.