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Welcome to Middletown

So, where is or what is "Middletown?"

Although there are a few places on the map of North American (and perhaps even abroad) called Middletown, the Middletown I am modelling does not intend to try to model any of those. My Middletown is a fictitious small town somewhere in Nova Scotia. It is typical of many small towns of the 50's thru the early 70's. It is a model railroad town layout in N scale.

History of Middletown

~ ~ ~ fiction ~ ~ ~

Just about half way between East Bay and West River lies a small town called Middletown. It has a busy downtown core called Acadia Square, a feed mill, a woodworking factory, a mining and railroad museum, a number of smaller businesses, a small park, a train station, a bus terminal, and a small residential area where you will also find a small church.

Middletown was once a bustling town with an active coal mine, feed mill, seafood plant and other smaller industries. The mine almost shut down back in the late 60's but still operates one small slope shaft. The feed mill is still alive and well. Middletown Woodworking is still a thriving business and although the town is not as prosperous as it once was, it has survived.

At some point during the early 70's the folks of Middletown decided they could bring some additional economic benefit to town by building a hotel/business centre and a family medicine centre. A few old Victorian style buildings in the center of downtown were bought up by the town and a plan devised.

Three old buildings on Main Street, and the Metropolitan Store on Mill Road were raised and a common underground parking facility was built underneath them. The upper floors of the Main Street buildings were converted to house Middletown Health Centre and a Law Office. The underground facility was also extended to accommodate the new hotel/business centre which was built in a style that would blend the best of Victorian and modern architecture. The whole downtown square was named Acadia Square in honor of the first European settlers in the area.

This is where we pick up Middletown in terms of building the layout. It is mid 1970's and the town is prosperous once again.

Middletown has a CN/VIA station with parcel service. It is serviced by a CN RDC-3 unit daily. Small freight trains can be seen periodically servicing the feed mill and the woodworking company. Residents enjoy a small park adjacent to Middle River. Across the river there is an art-deco style bus terminal built in the 1950's, providing a home for provincial and local bus services, a local bus tour company, and some say the finest lunch counter in town.

Lately there has been a lot of speculation about the vacant lots on Chapel Hill (off layout). Some say a mini-mall should be built up there, considering all the new housing in West River Heights just around the corner. Others are wanting a condominium development and still others say they need a new hospital to replace the old facility out on East Bay Road (off layout). There is apparently a plan afoot but the mayor, Dede Dewitt, and the council have been very tight-lipped about it, probably holding off an announcement until closer to the upcoming election. You know what politicians are like!

Well, whatever it is going to be built up there, or anywhere else in Middletown for that matter, you know the old fellas hanging around the park will most likely not approve and will have the last word on it ... right or wrong.

Such is life in a small town. As I said before ... Welcome to Middletown.