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During January and February of 2010 I began reading everything I could find about model railroading and I had just about decided on a layout plan. In mid January I placed an order for everything I need to get a very modest start on building my little railroad empire.

By late February I had come up with a number of ideas for a layout but for various reasons each was scrapped for something better. Having built model cars since childhood and having used blueprints and all manner of tools and equipment in my woodworking career I am quite at ease with the planning. The building is very different however, involving many skills I have either never tried before or am not as comfortable with. March saw me trying to understand the electrical/electronic side of this hobby and still perfecting a plan in general. I am confident that I can master it.

As I began trying to get my head around how I would approach this I quickly realized that the key to not having to build, rip apart, rebuild, and so on endlessly was to approach it the same way I would have approached any job ... with a plan in hand outlining every last detail before "the first board was sawn." I needed help ... a lot of help!

In January I turned to the internet. I browsed as many sites and read all the tutorials I could find. One of the sites I visited frequently led me to an online modle railroad forum that was specifically geared to N scale. I had chosen N scale just because of space limitations. There I found sevceral very helpful model railroaders who had the patience and desire to help someone starting from absolute ground zero.

In the Concept section will try to explain the various ideas, concepts, challenges and decisions that went into making Middletown what it will become when finished. All of that thought process of course led to the final version of the Town Plan.

With a plan in hand, and on paper, electrical issues sorted out with the help of Mark Underwood of Lexington, KY, April arrived with me finally starting to build the Benchwork . At last I had the confidence to pick up the tools and start cutting and fitting to make the table and understructure. It felt great to be building something instead of just discussing building it.

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Many thanks to all who have helped me and are continuing to help me build my dream layout. Also please check out my Model Railroad (MMR) Links. I hope you enjoy your visit.