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Dave's Park!

Dave's Park!

Mining & Railroad Museum

The Mining & Railroad Museum was a small idea that grew into something much bigger. Almost from the beginning of the town plan I wanted a monument dedicated to all those who had been involved in mining and railroad work. My initial idea was to have a simple monument in the park.

Very early in thinking about what Middletown might look like I had decided the era was going to be 70's thru 80's. I had given thought to having a steam engine because that is what fascinated me as a child but given the era it would have to be a museum piece. I decided to not have one.

As the plan developed I was left with an awkward piece of land at the base of the hill. A perfect place to have a rail spur but not a great place to have an industry. Then the thought struck me that if I had a museum I could have my steam engine. It would also give me all the more reason for the monument. And so, the Mining & Railroad Museum became part of the plan. All I had to do was find an appropriate building.

As I looked for buildings that would not take up a lot of space, would look like it had existed since the steam era and could work as a museum, the obvious choice seemed to be an engine house.

The engine house I bought was an older style building and perfect for what I needed. I got this kit for a very reasonable price because the roof was quite badly warped but the rest of it was good.

museum01 museum02

Because of limited space I decided to build the engine house as the "short" version. Cutting the sidewalls was easy as they were already scored at the proper place. The base was scored also but I realized in order to build it the way I wanted I needed the end of the part that was cut off. So, I cut the large portion of the base at the appropriate place and glued the other end on. I reinforced it with a bit of scrap styrene.

museum03 museum04

The kit went together very quickly. I used some scrap styrene to make the two large engine doors a solid wall, as would be done in real life in such a building conversion.

museum05 museum06
museum07 museum08

I assembled the walls for the two cupolas but I was still not sure whether I would use one or both of them. Whereas the original roof was garbage I selected a metal roofing style styrene and made my own roof panels.
museum09 museum10

The roof got a coat of a dark grey paint, one cupola was glued in place and the building was weathered. The 1954 Ford F-350 pickup will go with the museum.

museum11 museum12

The platform, parking lot and sidewalk were added. That completes the grounds until the landscaping is done for the entire area. The sign is in place and the monument will be set in place when I receive the rest of the materials to build it.

museum13 museum14