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Dave's Park!

Dave's Park!

Engine Service Area

The engine service set is a Stewart white metal kit. I had never worked with white metal kits and to be honest, although this turned out okay, it is not my favorite material to work with. I would not likely buy white metal again. The service garage is a BLMA built-up. The fuel tank is from a set of Cornerstone Modulars tanks in kit form.

The first thing I did was calculate the amount of space I had to work with and cut a base from picture matte stock. I made the base so it includes the sidewalk and vehicle entrance. The slotted area between the sidewalk and the service yard is for a fence which will be installed later.

service01 service02

The next step was to build the tank. I added piping made of 18 guage solid wire and a small pumphouse made of 1/4 inch pine stock. These were painted and added to the base which had an area cut out for the tank. The bottom of the tank area was an old business card.

service03 service04

The service equipment was painted and hoses added. The whole unit was painted and weathered and the tank area was ballasted. All that remained to be done was to drop it in place.

The trickiest part of this project was the spacing between the service equipment, in particular the sanding tower, and the track. Because an engine comes into the service spur on a curve and immediately has to fit between the hoses, there is less than 1/16th inch clearance on either side prior to the engine straightening out. It is not an issue with shorter engines but the RDC-3, an 85 foot unit, just barely squeaks through. Next time I would install the service area farther along a straight piece of track. Even an inch would make all the difference. All said however, I am very pleased with this project.

service05 service06
service07 service08