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Dave's Park!

Dave's Park!

Passenger Station

The first two structures I bought for Middletown were a freight warehouse/truck terminal and a passenger station. Oddly, both were changed before the first piece of track was laid. The freight building was swapped out for a woodworking plant that looks more era appropriate. The passenger station was a whole other story.

I bought Model Power's Malden Station. I really enjoyed putting it together and thought it looked just fine until I set a piece of track in front of it and placed my RDC-3 car in front of the station. Right away I knew it looked very wrong. The sizes of the doors were the give-away. Either the car had exceptionally small doors or the station had exceptionally big doors. Having travelled by rail many times I knew from memory the approximate size of the car doors. I got out a scale and started checking measurements.

The car doors were perfect. It was clearly the building that was wrong. I have worked on many old Victorian houses and commercial buildings. Supposing that the windows at the top are a part of the door, the door is 140 inches tall. That can't be. So, if I suppose that it is a door with transom windows, the door is 100 inches tall which is large but more believable. However, either way, the door, without frame, is 60 inches wide. Impossible!

I then got out the phone booth that came with the building (I had not put it together at that point) and measured it and it would be 10 feet tall. From the floor to the bottom of the main floor windows would be almost 6 feet and the windows another 6 feet. It wasn't looking good. After a trip downtown with a measuring tape, I came back to confirm that the main door on this building should be no more than 42 inches in width at the very maximum and this building is roughly 30% out of scale. I can not use it. This was the first of several purchases that I came to regret. I will try to salvage the windows to be used in something else.

station01 station02

I spent weeks designing a paper kit station but when I printed it off and built it I was not as pleased as I was when I saw it in my graphics program. Mainly because I got a good deal on it I opted for an Imex station which, at least for now, will do very nicely. I may change it some day but it does fit the character of the town and the era very nicely.

I made a platform using picture matte stock and balsa, painted and weathered it, and added steps on the street side made from a heavy single ply cardboard. And actually, the more I look at it the more I like it.

station03 station04
station05 station06
station07 station08