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Dave's Park!

Dave's Park!

Middletown Woodworking

Middletown Woodworking is a recent find. Initially a freight warehouse was going to occupy that part of the layout but the plan evolved and I found this building at a reasonable price so, the rest of the story is here: The Evolution of a Plan.

The first time I saw this building I knew I had to have it. It is so much more appropriate for the town and for the era. And initially it was going to be the freight warehouse. It was not until I was just about to start building it that I had second throughts and wondered if a freight warehouse was really good for Middletown. I wondered if some other use of the building might seem a better fit for a small town; perhaps give the town a whole new reason for existing in the first place.

It did not take long for me to settle on having a woodwoking facility. After all, I am a retired woodworker and what woodworker would not dream about having a shop like this? I knew all the equipment that would be added to the building to make it authentic and so I was off to the races. I rewrote the town history accordingly and got set up to build.

woodwork01 woodwork02

The kit was actually bigger than what I reasonably have space for so I figured out my lot size and figured out where to start cutting the pieces. I cut 1 1/2 inches off the side. That meant the base also had to be cut so it was a simple matter of selecting where to cut. I glued the base back together and then modified the other main floor side piece and the two upper floor side pieces accordingly. The rest was really an easy build. I really like the quality of this kit.

woodwork03 woodwork04
woodwork05 woodwork06
woodwork07 woodwork08

The roof went on and it was weathered. The next step was to make the base including the loading docks. I am very pleased with the building. It is a far better fit for Middletown than the Pike Stuff building originally purchased for the location.

woodwork09 woodwork10
woodwork11 woodwork12
woodwork13 woodwork14
woodwork15 woodwork16

With the building completed it was time to work on details. I gathered up the parts I would need for the mechanical platform - the fuel tank and the dust collection system.

The fuel tank and the main body of the dust collection system are both from a Cornerstone Modulars set. I added the discharge chute to the bottom of the vertical tank. It was cut from the sprue of another kit. The motor housing for the top of the dust collector was made of balsa, with a short section of sprue stock and a spare chimney cap for the exhaust stack. The dust collection bin house was made from tongue and groove pattern styrene.

woodwork17 woodwork18
woodwork19 woodwork20

Then came the finer details. The fuel line, fill pipe and air vent for the fuel tank were made from 18 guage solid wire. The intake pipe on the dust collector was made from sprue stock. The various pieces were painted, weathered and assembled to make a free standing unit that simply sits up against the building. It is not permanently attached.

woodwork21 woodwork22
woodwork23 woodwork24
woodwork25 woodwork26