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Welcome to Summer Valley!

My name is David (Dave) Chiasson. I am also known on various online forums as "musicman". This is my model railroad site. My main web site, Dave's Park!, is linked in the menu bar at the left ... the bottom link. Please feel free to drop in there as well.

Site Index

What you will find here:
  • Summer Valley: (this page): the site map
  • Introduction: an overview of how my model railroading began
  • History: a brief history of Summer Valley (fiction)
  • Town Plan: the development and drawing of the overall plan
  • Benchwork: construction of the benchwork and electrical
  • Layout: construction of major features, trackwork, etc.
  • Scenery: terrain, ballast, streets and other scenic elements
  • Structures: an overview of the many various structures
  • Equipment: a review of rolling stock and significant vehicles
  • MRR Links: model railroading links in various categories
  • Contact Me: an e-mail link for comments and questions
  • Dave's Park!: a link to my main web site