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Dave's Park!

Dave's Park!


Having moved into a new (new to me) house in August of 2013, I knew I wanted to build a shop and a rec room in what was an unfinished basement. And, of course, there was always a plan to build another model railroad layout in this house. I salvaged as much as possible of the Middletown layout I want to include at least the downtown core in the plan for the new layout.

You can read more about how I got into the hobby and more about the Middletown layout by going here: http://davidchiasson.ca/park/railroad/index.html

The first year in this house was spent renovating inside and out and, by August 2014, I found myself ready to build benchwork. I decided to build a "L-shaped" layout, 9 feet along the left side wall, 6.5 feet along the right side wall, and with an overall depth of 32 inches. The plan is for a set of modules to facilitate moving it should the need arise in future.

It was suggested that the layout could be bigger but I do not want to devote the entire rec room to just being a train room. The other consideration came in the fact that I will be much more motivated to work at building a project that could possibly be finished at some point. I would be less inclined to stick with a project if there was a clear sense of never being able to bring it to a reasonable degree of completion.

In terms of the DC vs DCC debate, I reluctantly decided that this one will be DCC. That decision was based in large part upon the fact that there are model railroad friends in the local area who have much more experience and understanding than I have and who have offered to help with that aspect of the layout.

Summer Valley as a Concept

Summer Valley, my second layout in N scale, is in part an expansion on the concept created with my first layout, Middletown. If you have not been there, it might be helpful to first visit that site, here: http://davidchiasson.ca/park/railroad/middletown/index.html

The Summer Valley layout will be an "L-shaped" layout, 9 feet along the left wall, and 6.5 feet along the right wall. It will re-use much of the downtown area from the Middletown layout, including most of the structures, in the central/corner area of the bench. From there the plan will expand to the left (west) to include a maintenance/staging yard and transition to a sampling of the West River residential area. Along the right wall (south-east) the plan will expand to include more of the river valley where the Middle River will empty into East Bay, with the mine and a few other small industries behind.

Features such as the mine and seafood plant, for example, will move to new locations relative to where they existed on the Middletown layout. In short, Summer Valley will comprise Middletown, West River and East Bay. West River and East Bay were largely implied off-layout on the Middletown layout.

Prominent features of the Summer Valley layout will include the new rail yard, a few industry sidings along the back, twin main loops, and what was a simple river on the Middletown layout will now become a deeper, wider river valley. There will be more room for the mine and a few industries that did not exist on the Middletown layout. This layout will also feature a reversing loop and the sector plate will not be re-used.

Whereas as Middletown was DC, Summer Valley will be DCC. Summer Valley will also be built as a set of modules to facilitate moving it should the need arise in future.

You can read more about the development of the layout and the overall town plan by following the links at the left side of the page. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your interest.