David Chiasson - Harmonicist / Guitarist

General Background:

I have been playing harmonica since age 6 (1958). I am primarily a tune player and concert-style accompanist. I play a range of harmonicas from 10-hole standard diatonic, to special-tuned concert harmonicas, to chromatic.

I have been playing guitar since age 18 (1970). I am primarily a concert-style accompanist, specializing in traditional and folk styles, as well as orchestral/choral accompaniment. I play 6-string and 12-string acoustic guitars.

I play both harmonica and guitar together, as well as play either instrument individually.

I am available primarily in the Halifax area but I am also willing to travel.

My Musical Experience:

As a harmonicist I first played with a band at age 9 (1961). I have played with many bands, choirs, and have also done solo performances since that time. I have played as an accompanist in church choirs and volunteered in nursing homes and hospitals. I have also provided background dinner music in a variety of settings. I am available for solo work.

In addition to playing, I have organized and directed variety shows and pub nights of varying kinds, for parishes, organizations and charities.

I was a member of a folk band called Fog Along The Coast with Bruce Stewart and carla Leblanc.

I write poetry and have a presentation that incorporates both poetry and music. This presentation has been staged successfully several times since 2001 in pub settings as well as concert settings.

Some examples of what I offer:

Concert/Tunes:    I play a wide range of traditional Celtic & Acadian tunes. I also play some original compositions that would be similar in nature to the above mentioned. I play most of the tunes on harmonica, accompanying myself with guitar.

Accompaniment:    I offer harmonica accompaniment for singers, either individually or in choral assembly, widely ranging across folk, traditional, contemporary, spiritual, and other similar styles. I do not play blues style. I also offer guitar accompaniment for the same on 6 or 12-string acoustic guitar.

Studio Work:    I am available for studio sessions in the production of commercials, film scores, or cd recording of music of the various styles described above, playing either harmonica, guitar, or both.

Conventions/Receptions:    I am available for (specialize in) background music for conventions, receptions, dinners, etc. I have an extensive repertoire of music suitable for most occasions, in the styles mentioned above. I can either accompany singer(s) or perform solo.

Church Services:    I am available to accompany singers, either individually or in choral assembly, for religious services of various kinds including weddings, funerals, and other special occasions.

Currently Available For Choir Service:    I am currently not affiliated with any particular church choir and would be available in the greater Halifax metro area. If you are a parish choir director and interested in adding the unique and enriching sound of harmonica accompaniment to your instrument section, please contact me.

Contact Me:

e-mail: david@davidchiasson.ca
phone: (902) 252-5399

Thank You.