Osidia' Retirement Guide

Welcome to Day One of your first week of retirement. (Saturday and Sunday didn't really count because you would not have been working anyway.) And even if you were, this is retirement time. Weeks now run whatever way you want them to. Most retired people, in accepting their duties, work a Monday to Friday schedule. C'mon... get with the program.

As you are well aware, retiring is not about stopping all work. Retirement is about doing the work you always wanted to do. And, to some extent, it's about payback. That's the fun part.

As a retiree, you have certain obligations to fulfill in society... a role to play. May you carry out your required duties in a manner that upholds the reputation your fellow retirees have worked hard to maintain. And may you be a fine example to the retirees of the future.

As an experienced retired person, it is my duty to give you your instructions for the first week of your retirement. You may begin by selecting "Monday" from the menu-bar below. I hope you are ready to accept your duties. And above all, remember... Have Fun!

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