Song of Summer

As spring gives way to early summer,
emerald hues blanket June,
while peonies riot in glorious redolent bloom.
Poetry floats upon the very air,
alighting as a butterfly here and there as it will,
flitting always just beyond reach.
Only in stillness can it be persuaded to venture closer,
close enough to perceive the intricate patterns of its wings,
to hear the soft voice with which it calls out.

Sotto Voce

(Sung in a Soft Voice)

Warm sunlight kisses my eyelids,
Promises lilies and birdsong,
Caresses cheeks uplifted in joy,
Touches lips with a hint of spring passion.

Silken breeze whispers through my hair,
Murmurs sweet nothings in passing,
Plays along the line of my jaw,
Sighs with me in utter contentment.

2001 Karen M. Cline

Bellingrath Garden
Richard Earl Thompson

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Berceuse d'Ete

(Summer's Lullaby)

I bask on a lazy summer's morn,
Symphonic dance of emerald leaves,
Sunbeams sparkling through the green,
Dancing warmly across my brow.

Birds in song, critters at play,
Soothing breeze from sparkling lake,
Earthen scents, symphonic joy,
Under watchful eye of passing clouds.

I lay back and absorb this wonder
Or is this wonder absorbing me?
I simply accept this sweet communion,
As I bask on a lazy summer's morn.

2001 David Chiasson

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